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Higdon's History

Before anyone can fully appreciate the history of an organization, and especially a church organization, the need to understand how the land was obtained and the people involved is vital. The Bible traces its lineage and, so too, the lineage of Higdon Christian Church is traced with the land it stands on and the people who began this church. In the early 1830’s this entire community was homesteaded by Samuel Higdon. It is not exactly known when this community was first called Higdon Community because opinions differ. In 1864, W.H. (Capt) Higdon obtained title to the land where the church and cemetery now stands and later set it aside for a future church building. In 1865 the Christian University Bible School at Lexington, KY sent the Reverend T.P. Reid as evangelist for the Southeast Missouri District. Several revivals were held at nearby churches during 1885 and 1886. In July of 1886 arrangements were made for Rev. T.P. Reid to hold a meeting in the Higdon Community. After about a week, a large number had united with what was called the Higdon Chapel Church. In the meantime, W. H. Higdon had united with the church, so temporary seats were made in Mr. Higdon’s yard and Reverend Reid preached from the porch of the Higdon home. In order to have more room, the site on which the old church building was later built was cleared and a brush arbor erected. At the close of the meeting it was decided to organize and build a church with Reverend Reid serving as minister. The official board was elected and ordained at the Brush Arbor in September of 1886. A building and finance committee was appointed and everybody in the church appointed himself or herself as a committe of one to work. The foundation for Higdon Chapel was laid the latter part of September 1886. W.H. Higdon donated the land and materials from his sawmill for the new building. The principal part of the carpentry was done by W.H. Higdon and Marshall Combs. On Christmas Eve 1886, they met, set the seats and stove and hung the chandelier lamp. Christmas Day 1886 the congregation held their first meeting in the church. It was a beautiful day and a full capacity crowd was present. Visitors from Whitewater, Libertyville, Mine La Motte and Fredericktown attended. Rev. Reid preached the morning sermon. At noon the church was converted to a dining room and lunch served such as only country people know how to cook. In the afternoon short talks were made by the minister and others. Traveling evangelists (circuit riders) came through and ministered to the church on a monthly basis for the next several years until a full-time minister could be moved to the community. Rev. Reid was a circuit rider. I. B. Dodson was the first full-time minister to serve in this capacity. He came to Higdon from Washington County around 1900. From the time Rev. Dodson retired until 1953 several ministers filled in on a part-time basis. Some of these ministers were Fredd Goff, Fredericktown; William Walters, Flat River; Brother Clark, Bonne Terre; Brother Shannon, Farmington and possibly others. These other ministers were also circuit riders. In the country churches, circuit riders had three or four small country churches to which they ministered. This is why churches only met once or twice a month. Higdon Christian church met on a regular basis during this time, however, only once or twice a month when their minister came through. In 1953, Rev. Everett Crome came to Higdon. Bro. Crome was a student at Lincoln Christian College when he came to Higdon. He commuted on weekends while finishing his education. Bro. Crome helped the church grow during his years of ministry. Since then the church has had several full-time ministers. They include; Allen McCreary, Don Marsha, George Poston, Joe Simpson, Daryl Young, Roger Kiepe, James Bourne, Dannie Bowling, Andy Erickson, Jim Claycomb, Dusty Elmore and presently Jim Graddy. The existing church stands north of the cemetery on land donated by the Higdons. There are 11 Civil War veterans buried in it, one being the original settler, W.H. Higdon who fought for the Union Army and his brother James T. Higdon who fought for the Confederacy. Some of the other original families were the White, Stewart (Sarah Stewart’s is the first grave in the cemetery), Hildebrand and Combs’ families. World War I and World War II veterans are also buried there. In 1958 the church board decided to build a new building just up the hill from the old building and cemetery. The original building was surrounded on three sides by the cemetery which prevented further expansion. The new church was completed and first services were held September 28, 1958. The new building was officially dedicated with special all day services November 2, 1958. The church still has active members who descend from the charter members. 

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HIGDON is always on the move

A glimpse into some of the ministries here at Higdon. 

VBS 2019

Craft and snack time

Ladies Prayer Blanket Ministry

The Higdon Ladies Group began a prayer blanket ministry sometime around 2016.  Blankets are made from fleece material.  The ladies group gathers around the blanket and prays for the recipient of the blanket.  While there are no healing powers in the blanket itself, it is a symbol to the recipient of all the prayers lifted up on their behalf.  


The crowd gathers for music, ice cream and fire works 


Each Sunday morning before services, members gather to pray over the church and specifically pray for each member, the pastor and that God's will be done in each life represented.

Young Adult Bonfire October 2019

Hot dogs and chili, s'mores, fun for the kids, fellowship, and more.

Christmas Party 2019

Mrs. Claus (Nancy Gordon) reads the Christmas story as the children sit and listen intently.


Each year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, members of Higdon Christian Church bring non-perishable items to the front of the church as an offering to the Lord.  These food items are then used to make up food baskets to give to families adopted by the church for Christmas. 

Patchwork Pies - Feed the Families Bake Sale and Auction

The Higdon ladies are known for their pie baking abilities.  Since 2013, the Higdon ladies have been hosting the pie booth for the fundraiser to benefit the Madison County food pantries.  100 pies are sold each year bringing in over $1000 to go toward the grand total.


A new ministry for 2020 created by Brenda Millard and her daughter Beth Brand.  Each month the ladies of Higdon and their friends are invited to participate in a different craft night.  Each lady this night painted a picture and added a quote.  Jewelry making, paining barn quilts, etc. has been on the agenda so far.


In 2019, Higdon's own pastor, Jim Graddy, was the winning of the Cooking Clergy contest with Feed the Families.  His cake brought $800 in the Cooking Clergy auction.  Pastor Jim has participated in the Cooking Clergy contest since Feed the Families began in 2012.


For the first time, Higdon had live music in 2019 for the Fire and Ice celebration

VBS 2019

The VBS group for 2019

Meet our team   

We have an awesome team here at Higdon.  

Eddie Dunivan


Eddie Dunivan and his wife Gretchen began coming to Higdon Christian Church to preach while Higdon was looking for a pastor.  After a couple of weeks of filling in, he approached the board about serving as Pastor as he felt God calling him in this direction.  He feels that God has great things in store for Higdon.  Eddie is currently the Principal at the Fredericktown Alternative School and Gretchen is the Elementary Music Teacher at Fredericktown. 

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